Educational Positioning System

Improve retention and promote on-time graduation
by empowering students for success

Only 59% of full-time students beginning college will earn a degree within six years1

Student retention and on-time graduation are major challenges facing the US higher education system. With a recent shift towards performance-based funding for public higher education institutions, it is becoming increasingly important for colleges and universities to rethink their planning, advising and career services.

Introducing EPS

Excelsoft has developed Educational Positioning System (EPS) to help institutions and students alike get what they want – to produce or become quality, employable graduates. EPS is a data-driven software suite that empowers students to take control and navigate optimally through college education. EPS helps universities directly address the four major challenges of college readiness, retention, on-time graduation and preparedness for careers.

EPS Overview

College Readiness

EPS helps students choose a career and degree program that align with their interests and aptitude. Through curated content and self-help tools, EPS ensures that students are academically prepared for college education.

Planning & Success

By actively involving students in decision making, EPS ensures that they are in charge of their college education. Throughout the program it engages them and provides timely interventions so that they can graduate on time, successfully.

Career Readiness

Based on a competency- driven career focused approach, EPS nudges the students towards acquiring the key competencies and skills needed to pursue their chosen careers. It also helps them find the right internship and job opportunities.

EPS Modules

Architecture & Design

Educational Positioning System offers unparalleled planning and decision making capabilities to students, faculty and advisors by leveraging upon your existing technology investments.

  • Modular architecture and standards based integrations
  • Student facing, mobile-first design
  • SIS and LMS agnostic architecture
  • Scalable and high performance architecture to support a growing student population
  • Long-term analytics strategy for the university using a robust data-foundation

Implementation & Roll-out

Excelsoft partners with colleges and universities to understand their needs and come up with a viable implementation plan that includes:

  • Detailed requirements analysis taking into consideration, the existing technology landscape
  • An approach to leverage upon the university’s existing data collection, integration and consolidation backbone, or create a new one customizations and integrations required to address the unique needs of the university
  • A phased roll-out and implementation strategy
  • An on-boarding plan for students, faculty, advisors and other key stakeholders hosting, infrastructure and application support


  • Improve retention and promote on-time graduation
  • Bring consistency in the quality of interaction with students
  • Deliver more value by lowering the relative cost of educational programs for students
  • Serve more students with the existing staff and infrastructure
  • Prepare high quality graduates who are employable by the industry